He was about to go home, about to return to the place where he had had a family. It was in Godric’s Hollow that, but for Voldemort, he would have grown up and spent every school holiday. He could have invited friends to his house… He might even have had brothers and sisters… It would have been his mother who had made his seventeenth birthday cake. The life he had lost had hardly ever seemed so real to him as at this moment, when he knew he was about to see the place were it had been taken from him. 


CS AU Week: Day 1 — Alternate CS Version
Lieutenant!Killian & Wench!Emma [lieutenant wench]

Most every night this was how Emma found herself; scouring the local tavern for a man that would be more than willing to buy her a few drinks, or even offer her a quick romp in the sheets if she was in the mood. In the back of her mind she was dimly aware that the kings navy had docked at the port for the night, which made her silently smile to herself. If there was one thing she learned over the years, it was that when sailors came to port the only thing they sought more than a pint of beer was a night of companionship; which she was more than happy to give. But it wasn’t until he walked in that she knew.

He was the one.

While the men around him walked with confidence, he stood near the back, head down but his eyes lit up like a deer in the headlights. Completely out of his element. She chewed the bottom of her lip into her mouth as she watched him, not only noting by his jacket that he was of higher rank, but also that he was much younger than the sailors around him. Perfect. She heard one of them greet him as “Killian” with a pat on the back, and she stuck her tongue in the hollow of her cheek as she watched him nervously wander to the back of the room, scratching the back of his neck once he sat down.

Oh this would be fun.

After finishing the pint on her table she stood and made her way towards him, sashaying her hips and never once tearing his gaze from him. Once she reached the table she propped herself on her elbows in front of him, letting the smirk curl on her lips once his tentative gaze met hers, his mouth falling slightly agape.

"Hello sailor, mind if I join?"